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Azores Trail Run Incident - Columbus Trail


In the fantastic scenery of the Island of Santa Maria, the Columbus Trail took place today, where Lap2Go team has been permanently in real time, monitoring the results of the participants since 6:00am (local time).

During the course of the race, it was discovered that dozens of participants who passed the control point of Santa Barbara did not reach São Lourenço, information that led the Organization to find one of the participants inanimate. In spite of the efforts of some participants who stopped there for assistance, even with quick action by the Organization and its Relief Facility, the participant in question died at the scene. More information should be consulted in the official media of the event.

To the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased participant, Lap2Go leaves due condolences. In this case, unfortunately, the spirit of companionship that is recognized in the events of Trails was not enough to prevent this fatality.